Q 91 Following statement is true regarding testicular tumors?

Q 91 Following statement is true regarding testicular tumors ?
A ) are embryonal cell carcinomas in 95 %
B ) teratoma are more common than seminoma
C ) usually present after 50 yrs
D ) bilateral in up to 30 %

Q 92 Treatment of choice for squamous cell carcinoma of anal canal ?
A ) Laser fulgaration
B ) Abdomino perineal resection
C ) Chemotherapy
D ) Chemotherapy + radiotherapy

Q 93 Part of triple therapy immunosuppression for post renal cell transplant pxs ?
A ) Prednisolone
B ) Azathioprine
C ) Cyclosporine
D ) All of the above

Q 94 carcinoembryonic Antigen is normal in ? A ) Colon CA B ) Pancreatic CA C ) Breast CA D ) None of the above

Q 95 Insitu ablation of liver secondaries can be done by ? A ) Injection of alcohol B ) Cryotherapy C ) Radio frequency ablation D ) All of the above

Q 86 The following drug acts by hypomethylation ?
A. Gemcitabine
B. Capecitabine
C. Decitabine
D. Cytosine arabinoside

Q 87 The drug of choice for absence seizures ?
a) Valproate
b) Gabapentin
c) Carbamazepine
d) phenytoin

Q 88 Which of the following is not an action of muscarinic antagonists?

A. Reduce respiratory secretions
B. Reduce gastric secretions
C. Contraction of radial muscles of iris
D. Increase rate of conduction in the heart

Q 89 The artery that is spared in polyarteritis nodosa?
A. Bronchial artery
B. Renal artery
C. Coronary artery
D. Pulmonary artery

Q 90 A child presented with growth retardation and muscle weakness. He was found to have hepatomegaly, hypoglycemia and accumulation of highly branched glycogen called limit dextrins. What is the probable diagnosis?
A. McArdle’s disease
B. Von Gierke’s disease
C. Cori’s disease
D. Anderson’s disease