Receptive area of stomach? Fundus

Receptive area of stomach?
a) Antrum
b) Pylorus
c) Body
d) Fundus
Correct Answer - D
Ans. D. Fundus
Anatomically the stomach is divided into fundus, body (corpus),
antrum and pylorus.
However, functionally, the stomach is divided into a proximal and
distal end.
‘Proximal stomach’ includes fundus and proximal l/3d of the body
and 'distal stomach" includes distal 2/3d of the body and the antrum.
A vasovagal reflex triggered by swallowing a bolus of food causes
the lower esophageal sphincter to open and the proximal stomach to
dilate (receptive relaxation) to accommodate the swallowed food.
As a result, the internal pressure hardly rises in spite of the
increased filling.
Thus, the proximal stomach serves primarily the function of storage.