Record Friday 17th July July 2563

Record Friday 17th July July 2563 (time 14.00 pm )

▶️ total of patients infected from Test PCR examination. (836 increase)

▶️ Healing at the hospital 6,688 with 119 new patients and 108 reduced from the previous day. 79,244 healed (208 increase)

▶️ 477 bad condition with 17 new patients and 4 decreased from the previous day.

▶️ died at the hospital. 19,611 (14 increase) and 19,611 dead at nursing home and at social medical center (établissements médico-sociaux) 10,541 (statistic 15th) July By the Kor. Public Health will update information again on 21 July. July ) ** Total of 30,152 deaths (14 increase) **

▶️ Total virus detection rate is 1.2 % and 97 virus epidemic clusters across the country (16 more) by 4 provinces who are in the most worrisome situation. Guyane, Mayotte, Mayenne and Gironde

✳️ NOTE:

  • A. Public Health France will refrain from reporting statistics on public holidays.

  • To contact the Embassy for consular inquiry, please email [email protected]


2 ️⃣ Public opinion polls for French politicians and public masquerading measures by BVA Institute on 17 July. July 2563

  • 56 % French have a good attitude towards the minister. New (while liking the president only 39 %) by 90 % LREM supporter group. Followed by Les Républicains (69 %) supporter group, Socialiste supporter group (56 %) and other leftist party supporters and le Rassemblement national (44 %)

  • 46 % French believe that President will implement the remaining 2 years policy which is not both right and left policy. While 44 % believe that it will be right and 10 percent policy. The left.

  • 85 % of French people support the force of wearing mask 😷 in public which areas close by 86 % see that they should be mandatory before 1 s. July 2563 But 50 % see that there is no need to force mask on outside public spaces (open space).


3 ️⃣ Virus epidemic in Zle-de-France

The director. The office. Zle-de-France Public Health gives an interview for Europe 1 radio on 17 July. July 2563, there is a concern for the covid-19 epidemic in the region which has risen in the past few days. Covid-19 patients contacting more emergency doctors and each infected person is close to. More people (who need to detain and detect) from which 1 infected people will have close ones during the first month after relaxation. Lockdown measures around 2-3 people. Now there are close people who need to receive. An average detection of about 5-6 people.

There are currently 29 covid-19 epidemic clusters in Zle-de-France and at least 3 new infections per week, but trace those close and still can control the epidemic. I got it, director. Ask people who suspect that there is an infection. Hurry up to detect the infection in the first occasion to prevent the epidemic in time and respect the public health practices and wear the mask as much as possible.

In addition, infected people’s virus rate (R0) is observable in 3 areas including Bretagne, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d ’ Azur and La Réunion. Up to 2.62 in Bretagne. Rate 2.26 at La Réunion and rate 1.55 in Provence-Alpes-Côte-d ’ Azur while on 11 July July France has 1.18rd nationwide infections. This means 100 infected people can infect at least 262 others.


4 ️⃣ Government is moving forward to reform unemployment insurance system.

On 17th July July 2563 pm. France has announced after discussion with staff union representatives and employers that they will continue to develop unemployment insurance system as a result from 1 November. Sep. 2562 has started a new system in part about the time of paying for unemployment insurance for at least 6 months in a period of 24 months to receive unemployment subsidy, but due to public health and soccer crisis. . Currently, the new unemployment insurance policy is required to postpone the implementation of the new unemployment insurance system in the second part about low income and without job stability (travilleur précaire) before postpone the effect from 1 May. Year 2563 is the 1th of July Year 2563 May start in early 2564

Also Mr François Asselin the president Confederation of Medium and Small Companies (Confédération des petites et moyennes entreprises) which attended the morning discussion of 17th July. July The meeting has announced that the meeting has agreed to postpone the negotiations about retirement reforms to at least until late 2563, Laurent Berger President. CFDT Workers Union agrees to make a right decision because the urgent priority of the current government is maintaining employment and eliminating poverty of the people, especially young people (most often don’t have stable or low income jobs)