Record Tuesday 28th July July 2563

The embassy in Paris concludes the covid-19 epidemic in France 🇫🇷 as follows.

1 ️⃣ Record Tuesday 28th July July 2563 (time 14.00 pm )

▶️ total of patients infected from Test PCR examination. (725 increase)

▶️ Healing at the hospital 5,551 people with a decrease from the previous day. 104 people have lost 81,311 (229 increase)

▶️ 385 bad condition with 13 decrease from the previous day.

▶️ died at the hospital. 19,708 (15 increase) and 10,515 dead at nursing home and social medical center (établissements médico-sociaux) 10,515 (by Kor. Public health has reduced the record from 21 July. July And will update information again on 4 s. July ) ** Total of 30,223 deaths **

▶️ Total virus detection rate is 1.4 % and 135 virus epidemic clusters nationwide (14 more) with 9 provinces in a worrisome situation. The best is Guyane, Mayotte, Mayenne, Gironde, Nord, Val d ’ Oise, Vosges, Haute-Garonne and Haute Savoie

✳️ NOTE:

  • A. Public Health France will refrain from reporting statistics on public holidays.

  • To contact the Embassy for consular inquiry, please email [email protected]


2 ️⃣ virus detection for those in social security system.

Oh my god. Public Health has issued a ministry announcement on 25 July. July 2563 Let those under the French Social Security system detect covid-19 virus through nose (test PCR) without prescription and without charge (54 euro ceiling). You can check the list of locations provided. Detecting such malays at santé website. fr which usually doesn’t require pre-appointment, but different covid-19 hours may be specified.

Also, K. Public Health has allowed firefighters, rescuers, non-nurses caregivers (aide-soignant) and professors. Some doctors can collect biological samples to detect covid-19 to support lab staff and support all lab rooms across the country to provide covid-19 testing PCR.


3 ️⃣ Permission to organize a gathering with over 5,000 participants.

The French government issued a decree announced on 28 July. July 2563 Provide the governor’s authority (les préfets) to consider organizing events with gatherings (competition, sports or cultural events) for more than 5,000 persons. It has been specialised since 15 s. July 2563 If it has been evaluated that the area’s covid-19 epidemic is at a satisfactory level (which normally cannot be done at least until 31 s. July 2563) The event organizer must prepare measures to prevent viral epidemic such as participants must sit regularly wearing masks and one seat between the audience. Each group will have maximum number of 10 people.


4 ️⃣ impact of COVID-19 crisis on Air Traffic and Aéroport de Paris - ADP

On 27th July July 2563 Mr. Augustin de Romanet, CEO, ADP (Aéroport de Paris) says that air traffic predicts to Paris airport will be able to return to level 2562 in 2567-2570 In the first half of 2563, the company lost 543 million euros after 62 % of air traffic decreased in Paris Airport (hardly any flights during the month of April. Oh my god. - P.O. July 2563) which impacts revenue from sales, goods and other services at the airport. However, the financial situation of the company is not concerned, but it needs to reduce investment plan in 2563 to around 400 million. Euro.


5 ️⃣ found in case of suspicious fraud under chômage partiel measures.

On 28th July July 2563, Minister. A. A. Labor (Mrs Zlisabeth Borne) has interviewed RTL radio that after reviewing 25,000 compensation requests under 25,000 chômage partiel measures suspecting 1,400 fraud, including companies who have forged employees or companies. That doesn’t exist or inform about hours. Employees didn’t work, didn’t match the facts. Set a goal to be able to check all 50,000 claims by this summer. Former minister last month. Labor has announced that after reviewing 3,000 petition, 850 suspicious cases have been found.


6 ️⃣ advice on anti-virus vaccination.

On 28th July 2563 Haute autorité de santé de santé-HAS) has advised about covid-19 vaccination in France that the first group of medical personnel should start vaccination followed by a group of people who risk illness. Covid-19 virus infected (over 65 years old or chronic congenital disease). No matter what covid-19 epidemic situation is. It depends on the type and qualifications of vaccines to be discovered. Firstly, next vaccination strategy may require further adjustment