Record Wednesday 20 November July 2563 (at 14.00 pm (sighs))

The Embassy in Paris would like to summarize the new breed of corona virus epidemic (Covid-19) in France :fr: as follows.

  1. Record Wednesday 20 November July 2563 (at 14.00 pm (sighs))
  • total of 143,845 test pcr patients (418 increase)

  • treatment at the hospital. 17,941 new patients, 432 people. It’s the 36th day in a row with the number of patients at the hospital. Less from the previous day (527) and healed from hospital. Already 63,354 (791 increase)

  • 1,794 bad condition. 43 new patients. It is the 42th day in a row that the total of patients are reduced from the previous day (100)

  • died at the hospital. 17,812 people (98 increase) died at nursing homes and at social medical center (établisements médico-Sociaux) (12 increase) ** total of 28,132 deaths (Increase 110 Raya) **

  1. Appoint of the minister A. Labor is responsible for preventing covid-19 virus infection of employees.

French President has appointed Mr. Laurent Pietraszewski as minister. Labor is responsible for preventing covid-19 virus infection of employees (Secrétaire D ‘etat auprès de la ministre du travail, chargé de la protection de la santé des salariés contre l’ Émie De Covid-19) by mounting the position. H.E. Public Health (responsible for retirement) in the current position. Mr. Laurent Pietraszewski is responsible for reform in France, but now the government has postponed such reforms after covid-19 crisis.
3. Domestic Travel Stimulation Department

The Minister. A. France (Mr. Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne), who is responsible for tourism issues, interviewed that government and countries have a " travel check out project (chèques vacances tourism) for this summer to travel in France. The region will decide that Who will distribute such checks such as low income families or to pay back to those who have been working hard during covid-19 crisis and will inform more details early June. Oh, my God. Grand Est has had such a project since the beginning of may. Oh, my God. Which will distribute 1 HUNDRED THOUSAND TRAVEL CHEQUES WORTH 5 million euros to medical personnel, delivery staff, cashier staff and sales staff in store and government have been informed in mid-may. Oh, my God. Wish that small and medium-sized company employees could have the right to receive such cheque this year.
4. Impact of covid-19 crisis on employment

A. French labor revealed that in may Sep. 2563 there is a permission for employees under chômage partiel measures (suspension measures with 11.8 million salary), but there are only 8.6 million employees who have used the right to follow chômage partiel (by A. Labor has assessed from the number of compensation requests from cuddle states which employers have already claimed for 4.5 million employees as of 18 November. July But employers can also submit such compensation in a year, they don’t know the actual amount)

There is also not much reduction in may. Oh, my God. (13 per cent) but there is a slight increase from last month. July (11 per cent) largely decrease the number of employees by non-Renew Employment Contract (contrat à durée détermine-Cdd) and postponing employment rather than layoffs.

Incidentally, in may. Oh, my God. There are more private companies that have come back to open business from last month. July With Only 12 percent of companies still closed and major obstacles of operation in may. Oh, my God. This is loss of customers (45 percent) and being forced to temporarily shut down according to lockdown measures (30 %) more than not being able to get employees to work (14 %) or inability to buy raw materials or items. (11 per cent)
5. Doctor’s appointment. Respite. Lockdown measures.

After respite, lockdown measures on 11 November. July 16 percent of dentist consultants found, but some dentists have asked to show covid-19 virus detection (TEST PCR) before taking appointment to prevent infection, especially from those who are infected but not showing illness while some surgeons are asked to do it. Test Pcr before surgery as well, although there is no compulsion according to km. Pre-medical consultation or surgery by the public Health Council (Haute Autoté de santé-has) is not recommended to automatically detection before all patients and French dentists agree that there is no need for all patients to detect the virus first. Consult a dentist, but dentist / doctor also has the right to refuse appointment.

However, the saliva virus detection system has been developed in Montpellier, which can be found within 30 minutes and expect government certified within 15 days, which may be able to detect infections before appointment. Even more.
6. Increasing transit service

Ratp announced that from 25 November July Subway, bus, tramway and suburban train (Rer a and b) will be served during regular hours. 05.30-01.15 pm. For Subway and 05.00-01.15 pm For Rer Train (currently available 06.00-22.00 pm) ) Line 1, 13 and 14 will provide full rate while other lines serve around 4/5 however, still need to maintain distance between passengers, we are still limited to the use of public transport during rush hour (still required. Certificate) and ask companies to allow most employees to continue to work from accommodation :metro: