Rectal foreign body was inserted during erotic activity

Rectal foreign body was inserted during erotic activity :disappointed_relieved::scream:

This is an actual emergency room X-ray. Patient explained that the toy got lodged and stuck when it was inserted and a button was accidentally pushed, extending out the wings.

The majority of cases of rectal foreign bodies are the result of insertion during erotic activity. Typically found objects are vibrators, dildos, light bulbs, candles, shot glasses, and bottles. Some rectal foreign bodies may have been initially swallowed but later present with complications in the rectum. Patients may be very embarrassed to disclose the circumstances regarding the foreign body insertion, and there may have been multiple attempts at self-removal.

Typical clinical findings of a rectal foreign body are pain with defecation, abdominal pain, rectal bleeding, pruritus, and constipation. Delays in seeking medical attention and multiple attempts at self-removal can lead to mucosal edema and muscular spasms, making removal of the object more difficult.
The removal of some objects are challenging depending on the shape, material and orientation within the rectum.
The object in this case is removed by using a long surgical forceps.