Reg tier 2 extension and UKVCAS appointment booking:

Reg tier 2 extension and UKVCAS appointment booking:

Hello all. I decided to bite the bullet and apply for the visa. The process was smooth up until the submission, where it generated a unique application number and redirected me to UKVCAS for biometric appointment booking and to upload documents. When I enter the page I am able to access it without restriction, view specific centers. However no appointment slots were available although centers were accessible.

I am aware that backlogged biometric appointments are being given priority. I just wanted to confirm a few things.

  1. Was the barrier to appointment booking at the same point in UKVCAS for everyone?

  2. Can we only upload the documents once we book the appointment? If not, at what point and where do we make the upload?

  3. One of their hyperlinks states the follows

"The government’s response to COVID-19 meant that many customers who had an existing appointment, prior to the suspension of the service, had their appointments postponed.

We are also releasing additional appointments meaning that customers who currently have access to the booking system will now have be able to book an appointment up to the 26 July. These customers will have access to the booking system until 20 June."

It seems that I fall in the second category where I do have access to booking, however I don’t see any available slots.

Should I patiently wait to be notified via email regarding booking or should I contact any relevant authority?