Regarding Heart Failure

Regarding Heart Failure:

  1. Is CAD not the Most Common etiology?

MCQ says Hypertension.

  1. Which is better ARBs + diuretics or ACE inhibitors + diuretics for heart failure?

( Apart from ARNI )

In both the cases, what is written is correct only.

Thank you for the response. But sorry, I didn’t get any clarity.

Question 1: Hypertension as the MCC has not been mentioned anywhere in the video & notes. But CAD as the MCC for Chronic heart failure with reduced EF has been mentioned. Hence, I am still confused.

Question 2: I have no problem with the mcq. My doubt was~ which combination is better between ARBs+Diuretics or ACEi+Diuretics for heart failure (after ARNI+Diuretics)

ya I meant was what’s written in the description is correct.