Regarding Major histocompatibility complex

Regarding Major histocompatibility complex-

At one point, you mentioned that since all nucleated cells express MHC 1, The CD4 and CD8 cells also express MHC 1. However, in the next lecture, you said CD4 and CD8 are not antigen presenting cells (they act as APC rarely). So for MCQ purposes, should we consider CD4 and CD8 as antigen presenting cells or non antigen presenting cells. Thankyou

U r confused Suyash

APCs are those cells that present peptides of antigens in MHC2

So why u r asking about MHC1 being expressed by nucleated cells?

1.In general,T cells are non APC while B cells are.

Basically apc usually synonymous with professional apc (has mhc 2, pattern recognition receptor and some co stimulatory molecule.)

In broad terms,non professional apc has mhc 1 which includes t cells.

2.So professional apc=b cells

3.Non professional apc=t cells.

Can’t deny their antigen presentation ,but that’s not they are designed for.

Hope it helps.