Regarding schedule of DNB (post MBBS) councilling

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Subject : Regarding schedule of DNB (post MBBS) councilling

As per the schedule of DNB (post MBBS) councilling round 1 councilling coming before almost all state round 2 and state mopup,
This is different from last year councilling.

If we get seat in round 1 dnb ,we need to pay of tution fee of 1.25 lakh, after this we get state round 2 or state mopup and join state, we lose 1.25 lakh since there is no free exit ,

this is totally injustice, and cause huge financial burden

According to one supreme court judgement there should not be any penalties who are going to state councilling from all india and vice versa,

Also there will be more seat blocking by candidates who will get admission in state round 2 councilling.

So I request you to postpone dnb round 1 councilling till state councilling over (as previous year)

Thanking you

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How come? AI round results are announced before dnb allotment result.

Choose only that seat which you definitely join.