Regarding the media reports of government order through Chief Minister of Karnataka to open Private clinics in the State

Dr Madhusudhana Karigannur

Resp Sir,

Sub: Regarding the media reports of government order through Chief Minister of Karnataka to open Private clinics in the State.

I am writing this request letter to you on behalf of many private medical practioners across Karnataka state who are raising high concerns about the safety of public & ourselves in the event of recent government order to open the clinic.Though the official government order has not released, it’s reported in the TV medias that we, private medical practioners will be forced to serve through routine OPDs to the needy public.Its also reported that if we don’t open our OPDs we will be punished with one year imprisonment.

My fellow private medical practioners all over Karnataka are having high regard to the esteemed organization, Indian Medical Association & most of them are members of IMA-KSB.They are expecting IMA-KSB to adress their concerns & worries with regard to the above government order.

Recently you have requested all private medical practioners who are members of IMA-KSB to close down their OPD services in view of COVID19 pandemic. I appreciate your gesture in this regard as this move will definitely slow the speed of COVID19 pandemic.
We also know from the inputs of knowledge from various countries with regard to this dangerous pandemic that 46% of CORONA illness is spreading through hospital & clinic set ups where COVID19 patients will be interacting with the non COVID19 cases.It is equally alarming that 14 days before the onset of symptoms of CORONA illness,it has a capacity to infect others.It is also alarming that if we practioners aquire COVID19 virus infection in our OPDs through unknown patients,we will be the epicenter of spreading the infection to our innocent patients and thus endangering the life of patients.Moreover we will be risking our family members,our fellow staffs in the clinics for the cross infection of COVID19.!!

Now with the news of above government order, almost all private medical practioners are worried about the very basic fact that the entire efforts of government with regard to lockdown & efforts of social distancing will be completed wasted if we happen to open the clinic OPDs.Aost everyone in the society will try to move around in the cities by quoting the excuse of doctor consultations.Practitioners are also worried about the basic fact that in the event of inability to control the crowds,the speed of spread of pandemic will increase.Also in spite of government and medical fraternity’s efforts of educating the public, the patients are in a partial mood to cooperate with this effects due to various reasons.So the government order to ask private medical practioners is definitely going to create increased number of COVID19 cases in our state which will result in further increased load on health care resulting in increased case fatality ratios.

I am aware of your efforts of trying to educate the government & policy makers in this regard. But it appears that your interaction with government officials has not yeilded any positive effects in this sensitive matter.

So I request you to kindly raise below matters of our concerns with Chief Minister of Karnataka, Health Minister of Karnataka,Home Minister of Karnataka & respective Secretariats.

Raise strong objections to the decision & government order of re-opening the clinics for OPD services by highlighting above matters.

If the government is bent upon forcing us to work in spite of your efforts, kindly insist upon ourur matters of great concerns are as follows:

We request government & its authorities to give us following urgently required Protective equipments and reassurances.

  1. Personal Protective Equipments to all private Clinics across Karnataka where Corona cases will be exclusively treated in an establishment, hospital.

  2. Minimum of 5 N-95 MASKS to each clinician who opens OPDs as he has use it for himself and he has to ask his fellow staffs to wear it to prevent being exposed to COVID19 cases

3)At least 5 litres of sanitisers with alcohol strength more than 65% as he has to ask each patient to enter his clinic by cleaning their hands with sanitisers.

4)Security force to control the crowds at OPDs especially to maintain social distancing.

Government is asking us to see only emergency cases at OPDs.Do the general public listen to the norms?! It’s next to impossible to control the public in such scenario.So there will be definitely choas at clinic OPDs which may require stringent actions on non cooperative patients with the help of security staffs.

  1. Request the Chief Minister to give assurances of treatment with highest priority if we, private medical practioners happened to get infected with COVID19 due to our interactions with patients.

  2. Request government to support us & give us advocate support in case of FIR being filed on us due to inevitable medical negligence which may happen when we will not be able to physically examine them in certain conditions.

  3. Request government to give term insurance of one Crore in the event of demise of doctors in the battle against COVID19.We also request to announce health insurance to all private medical fraternity in case of COVID-19 infection aquired in the following days due to inevitable exposure to such Corona cases.

  4. Request government to give priority treatment for our family if they unfortunately get infected to COVID19 through us.

  5. Request government to protect the private medical fraternity by police forces in case of any violence on us in the pretext of inevitable fatality secondary to COVID19.

  6. Kindly insist upon strict quarantine to medical fraternity who directly deal with CORONA cases.

I once again request you to write a official letter to above said government authorities & highlight our matters of concerns.

Expecting your speedy actions in this regard.

Yours sincerely.

Dr Ganesh Prasad Mudraje
State Working Committee