Remember how I told you the kaplan qbank for step 1 was like

Ok question banks:
Remember how I told you the kaplan qbank for step 1 was like j. biebs. In a q and a format ? well step 2 ck qbank is nt like that at all!! In fact it s so deeply hideously horrible that I could nt compare even J.B with this!! (though if his bare ass camping trip pic crops up in my browser one more time , I mite).
The step 2 is not about knowledge . most of it is what we already know from step 1 ! but its about rearranging that knowledge in our heads so that we can apply it to real patients. And that’s exactly why the Kaplan qbank is more dangerous here than in step 1. Where in step 1 it was mere garbage , here it can actually guide you wrongly where your approach to questions changes!!! Avoid at all costs!!!
UWorld! U beauty . solve it twice. Subject wise and mixed !dont mug. Try to make sure u can work your way to the answer without needing to know any obscure fact!!

Here , less is more! Stick to UW! Don’t do obscure sources because step 2 is different from step 1! Bad questions can actually hurt your score!!!
Cms and nbme : confidence booster! But really don’t make that much of a difference ! few topics extra! Plus you cant know if your answers are right or wrong! So if you re rich (take it legally like a responsible person). If you re hard up… like yours truly … keep it for the end of the prep. Go through them in the last 15 days. That way you ll end up with maximum 4-5 unsure answers per block! Research them online !
Usmle rx/usmle consult : could nt get my hands on them. So cannot comment!!!

Overall … keep calm, the exam is a beast but enjoy it!!it ll be a rewarding experience!
Do let me know if you need any help, material or any difficult topic explained!!
Prepping for step 2 cs!