Request for NOT to change the criteria of mop up and schedule of DNB counselling

Subject- Request for NOT to change the criteria of mop up and schedule of DNB counselling

Dear sir,
It is seen that some candidates are trying to contact NBE to change the eligibility criteria for mop up or change the schedule of DNB counselling. We would like to request not to succumb under any pressure and CONTINUE WITH THE SCHEDULE as before due to following reasons:

  1. The state counselling also follow the same eligibility rules so as to fulfill the purpose of mop-up round.

  2. Most of the candidates did not fill the choices they did not want as they wanted to participate in the mop-up round thus the seat went to a lower rank candidate and that was the purpose.

  3. Some of the candidates just to see what they can get filled all the choices and now are regretting and demanding another round and new rules. This is just against the purpose of counselling and mop up round.

  4. If now NBE changes the rules in between it will be a huge set back to the merit holders who left the seats for some lower rankers and waiting for the mop-up round.

  5. Some candidates who are demanding a change have also taken a seat through their respective state counselling and those seats will get wasted as most of the states are now done with their counselling.

  6. The students who took up seat in All india NEET are also debarred from DNB counselling for the same purpose.

  7. The rules were published from the beginning of the counselling and if the candidates wanted to bring any change or modify the schedule they should have asked NBE before the start of the counselling, not in between the counselling after seeing their allotment results.

  8. If still NBE wishes to change the rules due to the fault of a few candidates, we would like to request to make all the rounds of DNB counselling and allotments null and void and start afresh with a set of new rules and new schedule again.

Hope that the message we are trying to convey is delivered.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely,
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Kindly mail to_ [email protected]
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All those who are waiting for the mop up round to get a seat kindly share the message and mail to NBE

madam there are people @ 10k rank who left seats to take part in mop up… understand before you speak…everyone cannot pay for mistakes of few like you…

Dude have some sense.No ranker will wait till mopup.And only those who r ready to give one more attempt will wait.

that’s your thinking… there are many who opted to wait because of the rules…

How boss? Ppl who get in 2nd round if be allowed to participate in ext round 2 den sabka faayda right!

Tera problem kya hain…?You want to get a seat not allowing some good rankers for the counciling??

No i want a seat for merit holders who acted sensibly and opted to wait rather than filling all the choices, not for those who just filled all the choices and now want a change in rules for their own benefits…