Residency starts in a few weeks

Residency starts in a few weeks. What should a new intern read up on before starting since it’s been a couple years since I took my steps. Should I go through CK books/notes or redo uworld or both? Any advice will be appreciated thank you and good luck to my future colleagues

I have no idea about this though… just came here to wish you good luck with your new journey.! Wish you all success

MKSAP! however it may be kind of expensive. I think nowadays podcasts are a great tool. You can find them for any specialty

of yes I just checked out the price, I guess they have a slight resident discount, still pricey but probably worth it. Podcasts sound like a great idea thank you I will look into them

Online Meded has a intern boot camp section (or something similarity named) that has common things you’ll be seeing, and is a good refresher!

Nothing! Enjoy this time because it will never come back. Your program most likely will get your MKSAP, so don’t spend money on it. However, if you reallyyy want to, then get the meded intern guide and read that before starting. It will help!