Respect for the SC judges increased a thousand fold

Respect for the SC judges increased a thousand fold. Finally a worthwhile judgement.

Kya respect abi two months pehle wala reservation ka decision yaad nhi h …aur ye exam to waise b nhi postpone hona tha ye decision mcc ka tha n sc ne follow Kiya dats it kuch respect jaisa naya nhi h

totally agree. But with the amount of decisions going against us , even 1 going in our favour feels like a win , however small it is.

Out of 2lac plus applicants,I would like to know how many aspirants have filed for postponement of NEET PG exam.

If more than 50% i.e 1 lac and above then i guess the court should postpone it.

But if its only a select few 100s of candidates who filed for postponement of exam then yes it was wise decision not to postpone

Personally im not against or in favour of postponement.Just saying that the interest of the majority should count

One hv to be neutral for judges…same people must be disrespecting judges at reservation decision few months back… post only shows that u are happy when ur view prevails…

Neither today’s decision nor reservation decision was accepted by majority of students…

Respect will increase a lac fold this 2024 . Finally dudh ka dudh pani ka pani. #achedinayengey but this time its theirs . 😏

Court says about 2 lac have prepared… It is specialization course and education is also important as patient care. There is deficiency in infrastructure now… But how the hell they will teach 2 batches… They only need cheap labour like covid times for vote bank politics…