Respect, imposed - stop sexism, stop blaming victims, stop harassment. That's the expression

Student representative meets the minister. Ministry of Education provides regulations - study needs to be changed. Respect, imposed - stop sexism, stop blaming victims, stop harassment. That’s the expression

Around 18.00 pm 4 student representative meets Nathaphon Tipsuwan, minister of education to tell about the education system’s problems. Many problems are problems. Many things are problems that have been long without being solved. I feel like this should be. Changed to be changed. Want to listen

Student representative group stated that first story, many regulations in the school. Lagging behind some schools. Still violating ministry, i.e. also forced to cut short hair. Forced female students to wear their shirt and pants. Lining the length of skirt. But not teaching men not to harass abuse.

′′ Want a real policy such as liberty, hair style or order to hear student opinion after teachers threaten students from expression. Want to adjust the health course, citizen’s duty, sexism, head of family or culture, rape, blame. Victims who tell women to love. Reserve only one example but never tell men to stop abuse.

Social studies have sex roles that define women like this. Men like this. They want to respect identity differences. Education is framed for students to be the same life. Not taught to respect diversity. Respect equality rights Student representatives said.

Moreover, hundreds of thousands of teachers have threatened students from their rights and freedom of righteous expression under the constitution, Ministry of Education to protect students.

′′ I want to grow up to be myself. The body of the minister. Ministry of Education and Education are dyeing us into one color fabric. We should be beautiful with our own colors and don’t want past frames to decide the future and what we are today.

I want to improve the quality of school and teachers to reduce the workload of other teachers so that teachers can teach. Want to have quality school teaching. Kids won’t have to rely on tutorial school

Monitoring measurement is not coriander sprinkles. I want the inspection to do its duty. It’s not enough for evaluation. It’s cilantro sprinkles everything well Student