Respected faculties dearest Seniors and juniors .. kindly help me

Respected faculties dearest Seniors and juniors … kindly help me…🙂

Im a 2013 batch student… male .I passed out from one of the top college in south india in 2019…But after that my life took some drastic turns .My mental health deteriorated very much due to some personal and family issues…And then the Covid lockdown and loosing touch with my friends further damaged my mental health. By the end of 2020 i couldnt handle my stress anxiety and all. So i somehow gathered courage to consult a psychiatrist (senior from our college) and was diagnosed with major depression…Since then im taking medication for the the same. After taking medication and with some life style changes ( i gained 18 kg after i finished my ug mainly due to stress eating) my mood improved very much . So i started to prepare for neet pg from september 2021 from scratch. I joined live session of one of the coaching platform and gave 2022 neet pg and got a rank of 82k. Even though it was not a great rank it really gave me some confidence to prepare for neet pg 2023…

From the very next day after the result i joined a nearby library and started preparation for neet pg 2023…

Even though i had few ups and down in my mood i somehow hold my mind together and studied very hard till the end.I gave regular gts and consistently read above 10 hours everyday… After the exam i was confident that i will get a rank below 10k . But the result was little surprising…made some very silly mistakes due to overthinking. i got only 490 marks and my rank is 20.5k.

I always wanted to be a surgeon… i have no intrest in any other branch.With this rank ( and OBC reservation) i could get ms ent ms ophthal in north east and some dnb surgery seats in north india as per last years trend in counselling.

Now Im really confused about my future.

Kindly help me to sort out this dilemma

  1. Take any seat that you get in this years councilling
  • Because there is a huge uncertainity regarding neet/next in 2024

** you are 28 years now and your life is stuck here for the past 4 years its time to move on …

***your batchmates will finish pg this year or next year .You are far behind them in the life.

**** you are 28 now ,you should not depend on your parents for money


2 Preapare for inicet nov 2023 or neet/next 2024 ( dont have energy to preapare for may inicet … really need a break😶)

  • its your entire career/life vs few months

    • you have to wait till mop up rounds get above seats…

It may happen only in sept or oct… so only few months left for exam

***consider poor hands and location for surgery dnb vs suffer 1 more year and get a better seat.

**** few years lost may not be a problem in long run

Respected faculties , dearest juniors and seniors please help me to take decision. TIA

Deep down you already know what you want to do among those two options, you’re just scared to choose it, If I ask you to choose your desired decision you will choose immediately , But If I ask you to choose your undesired decision you will tell me different cons of that decision, We as human being always know what is next to be done according to our conscience , But we want validation from others, So Just go with what you already have in mind, We all are lost somewhere, Nobody even holds the authority to judge you, All the best