Respected Sir/madam .. I'm preparing for neetpg.. it's a personal question related to health

Respected Sir/madam … I’m preparing for neetpg… it’s a personal question related to health… I’m a chronic sufferer of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis… have tried all sorts of medicine since the last 15 yrs… only symptomatic relief from all…
I am planning to take allergic vaccination for dust mites which I’m allergic to… can anyone of you practising ent or in allergy… guide me about it…how is the success rate.and is it worth taking… ?? If you have any idea… please guide me… thank you

Even I have same problem last year I started taking vaccination after 3 months there’s lockdown so had to stop and what I felt was it’s very difficult u have to go every week then take appointment nd wait for ur turn so better avoid it till exams

Results are promising so far.

Worth trying if not much of financial constrain