Resting membrane potential in nerve fibre

Resting membrane potential in nerve fibre -

  1. Is equal to the potential of ventricular muscle fibre
  2. Can be measured by two electrodes on surface of neuron
  3. Increases as extracellular K+ increases
  4. Depends upon K+ equilibrium
    answer 4

RMP of nerve- -70mV

  • RMP of ventricular muscle- -90mV
  • Potential difference can be measured if one electrode is on the surface and another one inside the nerve cell.
  • If the concentration of K+ in ECF is increased, there is more positivity of the membrane OR Less negativity of the membrane OR Decreased magnitude of RMP.
  • Resting membrane potential is reached due to the potential difference between ICF and ECF. This is majorly as result of K+ ion concentration difference in ECF and ICF.