Roughly 3 weeks left to NEET PG

Roughly 3 weeks left to NEET PG.

Give it your all.

Full utilization of Final days actually make toppers

Covid case increasing…neet pg shud b postponed

Haha. NMC considers all doctors to be vaccinated. So not expecting any postponement

many docts like us are in hibernation since 2yrs

not vaccinated

I did myself. Entire ‘hibernating’ docs in my library also did. [
Aniket Kr Srivastava

There’s no option to register through public portal. But vaccinators can do it through their portal. Just call nearest vaccination center if you don’t trust me.

I’m from Kerala. I know docs who vaccinated in last 2-3 weeks in delhi, Gujarat, WB and TN . Don’t know anyone in rest of the states
Aniket Kr Srivastava