Round 2 Closing Ranks (Comparison with R1)

Congratulations to all the allotted candidates.

Round 2 Closing Ranks (Comparison with R1)

Closing ranks - almost similar to expected with only a few deviations when it comes to “closing ranks”

  1. Derm had a negative shift. OBG almost did not move.

  2. TBCD - no shift almost - but expected with minimal seats and being a pure choice course at this range

  3. Anaesthesia, Psychiatry did not move as expected

  4. Rest has been almost as expected. Ophthal, General Surgery - a little less than expected.

Have not seen inter rank movements yet. Will share that and institute wise closing ranks later.

For those who have not been allotted - Next time it would only be better. With a year of hard work and perseverance, something better is waiting for you - All the best!!

thanks a lot sir…u have helped us a lot …alloted general medicine in amritsar

Sir please tell me the resignation details if am not upgraded in round 2 and participating in dnb

In Round 2, the specialty closed earlier than R1. See dermatology mam. Went till 2925 in round 2, but went only till 2902 at the end of R2 (final allotments)

How come radiodiagnosis went till 3059 in R2…that’s huge shift