Round 2 Provisional Allotment results are published

Round 2 Provisional Allotment results are published

  1. Plan travel / book tickets after the final results are published.
    2) Candidates who are unable to see their institute name in full, please connect with MCC and confirm the seats. Or mail them so that the name is displayed the final result / allotment letter.

when the matrix was released there was 3+3 orthopaedics seats in an institute but in the allotment list only 2 seats are upgraded and 1 is fresh alloted… What happened to the other seats?.. Am I missing something?

Did you check if the seat was reatined. trhe +3 would have retained. IF so nothing would appear on the right side of round 2 allotment

I have been alloted dnb in my first round and now upgraded to md. Do I need to go to my first institute for any leaving letter? I have all my original documents with me. What should be done for refund of fee paid for DNB ?

sir I doesn’t got upgraded in ai round 2

Now can i resign and apply for mopup