Rutherford morison's pouch

Rutherford morison’s pouch

Rutherford Morison’s pouch, also known as the hepatorenal recess or the subhepatic recess, is a space located in the abdomen. It lies between the liver and the right kidney. This anatomical space is clinically significant because it can become a site for the accumulation of fluid, such as blood or pus, in cases of certain abdominal pathologies, particularly appendicitis.

In cases of acute appendicitis, inflammation and infection of the appendix can cause fluid to accumulate in Rutherford Morison’s pouch. This can lead to localized tenderness and fullness in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen, aiding in the diagnosis of appendicitis. Palpation or imaging techniques such as ultrasound or CT scans can help identify fluid accumulation in this area, assisting in the diagnosis of various abdominal conditions.