Rytand's murmur is seen in

Rytand’s murmur is seen in
a) A-V Block
b) Mitral stenosis
c) Aortic stenosis
d) Aortic regurgitation
Correct Answer - A
Ans. is ‘a’ i. e.,A-V Block
Rytand Murmur
Rytan 's murmur is mid-diastolic (or late-diastolic) murmur that is
heard in patients with complete artioventricular heart block.
Rytand’s murmur is best heard at the apex and may be
confused with mitral stenosis.
The slow heart rate, variable duration of the murmur changing
intensity of the S I and lack of opening snap are helpful
Also know
Carey Coombs murmur → Rheumatic fever
Austin Flint murmur → Aortic regurgitation
Graham-Steel murmur → Pulmonary regurgitation
Rytands murmur → Complete heart block
Docks murmur → Left Anterior Descending
(LAD) artery stenosis
Mill wheel murmur → Due to air emboli (air in PV