Salvation from the smell in the breath

Salvation from the smell in the breath

If you have a problem with breath, the following diet can help you to keep this problem away.

Apple or carrot

Apple and carrots are both better and the system is healthy. It means that there is no more gas in the stomach that makes the way out of the mouth and smelly the breath. Fresh fruit and vegetables are in increasing the amount of saliva. Helpful is the one who makes the estrogen flow in the breath.

Must eat vegetables

In the breath, the smell is often the result of the disease of acidity or ہạḍmے, these problems do not disturb when the physical immune system is strong and the vegetables help make it stronger. Green Sbznạy̰ں are full of ḵlwrfl that smell from the mouth. This is a distant part.

Dھny̰ạ and pwdy̰nạ

These two bdہḍmy̰ and chest issues like jealousy, which become the cause of smell in the breath, just after eating, some of their leaves are spikes and just.


The Estrogen system in the yogurt helps in digestion, especially in the digestion of the products of the milk, which remains healthy in the system and the possibility of smell in the breath is less. The system is being removed from the system of ہạḍmہ. Blends also become the cause of smell in the breath but the by̰ٹḵry̰ạ and prwbạỷy̰wٹy̰ḵs present in the yogurt control these compounds, just take care that there is no Chinese in the yogurt.

Green Tea

The habit of drinking green tea gives multiple benefits to health such as the improvement in mental functions and the risk of different types of cancer, but it also helps to reduce the risk of physical smell and smell in the body by elimination of the poisonous material from the body. - Anti-oxidants in green tea helps to fight the estrogen that cause smell in the breath.

Sour fruit

Citric acid in the canoe, orange or other sour fruits helps prevent the development of the estrogen that causes smell in the breath.

Ginger Lemon Tea

Adding Ginger to diet saves from bdہḍmy̰, which is also a cause of smell in the breath, if you do not like tea, it can also benefit from it, the combination of ginger and lemon both in the mouth. The damage of the harmful estrogen makes it very difficult.

Don’t forget to drink water

If the moisture of the mouth is intact, then there will be no use of food particles and dead cells in the mouth, it will also stop the development of the carbohydrate in the mouth, the other benefits of drinking water are also available, so it is necessary to drink it in proper quantity Is.


If you are upset with the smell in the breath, then you can also help the cumin to get rid of it.