Saw the surgeon this morning and he cleared me for surgery!

Saw the surgeon this morning and he cleared me for surgery !! I go April 5th and will be using patella tendon. I’m not looking forward to surgery but very excited to get it done and over with !!! Then he’s thinking if I’m doing good in 3 months I’ll have my left knees surgery that soon after

My surgeon told me 6 months in between since you can’t bare weight for at least the first 2 weeks, you need a knee that can support the whole body. However, my tear on left isn’t as bad so I’m considering rehabilitating it with out surgery if I can. I’m ready to get back to life! Are you on a walker or anything?

I have a borrowed walker I used before knowing I had torn my acls, my left knee also is the better knee but I will just see how the first surgery goes to determine if I should do my left , I definitely want to be able to keep up with my babies so whatever is the better option is what I’ll do! I am also ready to get back to life , it definitely brings you down !! Prayers for you

yesss it does! That first 2 weeks was really hard hoping in the one good leg know it needed an ACL and then it would shift… but it started getting better once I could bare weight on right. Walk as much as you can right now, tighten your quads, and hamstrings too you want the best quads and hammies possible after surgery. Wishing you the best! I’m here if you need anything.

Good luck!!