Scope of non clinicals like physio,pharma,biochem

Scope of non clinicals like physio,pharma,biochem

In non clinical ppl say that u can’t become proffesor bcoz it is highly saturated and recruitment is biased… So what will b my future if I become md physiology and not getting professorship… It is of no use… In India only corrupts, politicians, goons and babas can earn and live life happily… I m really so upset

but sir, it’s obviously better than MBBS. You have a master degree with you.
After repeated try of 3-4 years… What one should do?

Micro, pathology, Biochem… Your signature is important in lab… Chronologically— patho>> micro=biochem

Pharma… You can be hired in pharmacoceutical companies

FMT- Post mortem, lecturer in colleges

Physio, anatomy - you can teach only

problem is that there is no research in india, scope gets dimmed when u r left only for teaching but its a degree u shouldn’t think too much and if that’s available at your rank, just do it