Secured AIR 86 ( 673 marks ) in 2021 NEET PG

POST( LATE coz was waiting for rank letter )

Greeting to respected teacher’s ,seniors , batchmates and loving juniors

Hello this is Saumya Negi from GSVM medical college Kanpur

secured AIR 86 ( 673 marks ) in 2021 NEET PG

Would like to extend heartfelt thankyou to the entire MARROW team … Dr. Deepu Sebin sir ,outstanding teachers ,the user friendly interface ,the top notch gt makers ,q bank creators with such apt explanations !!..everything was just PERFECT 👌👌 !!

i had made notes of almost all subjects till 3rd year from an offline source

then toward the end of my pre final year my senior introduced me to the marrow app and i fell in love with the app instantly !

I started using marrow in

my final year (plan B ) : solved all the modules of major final year subjects during final year itself …and added the important new points in explanations in my notes itself .and gave respective subject tests .

internship ( plan C ) : started giving GTs and tests …cleared the confusing concepts via videos …I used to love giving GT’s from marrow as i know result jaisa bi ho har GT se seekhne bohot milega …as the explanations were wowwww( a treat 🧁🍧full of gyaan)

Did custom modules in a set of 50 questions everyday ,riviewed test throughly

For guidance i always looked up to Dr Abbas Alisir’s Youtube videos :followed him religiously as he used to come just before I was about to burnout in monotony of my preparation .the marrow planner …and then the revision planner was my go to tool in forming plan ahead! THANKS A TON DR ABBAS ALI SIR

would also like to thank Rebecca Jamesmaam ;Rohan Khandelwal sir Shivika Sethi maam ; Rakesh S Nair sir Mukhmohit Singh sir Ranjan Kumar Patelsir Singaram Ashok sir , Krishna Kumar Solaiappan ;;Chait Anya sir Ila Jain Khandelwal maam for the outstanding video Lectures ❤️