Seeing the bond problems many toppers will go for DNB this year's...specially RADIO, DERMA, PEDI, MED... Is this true?

Seeing the bond problems many toppers will go for DNB this year’s…specially RADIO, DERMA, PEDI, MED… Is this true?


becoz md/ms will always preferable.

during prepration time and after that counseling happening like this, most of us are being panicked in certain ways. and this panic might force many to opt dnb, but truth will comeout after dnb completion when we would left out without degree and less than 50% would pass dnb.

chahe jitna gyan lelo but finaly degree milna jyada imp. hai and dnb ki asliyat sabko pata hai…specialy peds, med, srgry are lowest passing.

DNB equivalent to MD haina as far as job opportunities & higher education are concerned. MD people will also sit in power. DNB people. What is the difference?

Deep G

bhai uske liye pahle dnb pass hona bi jaruri hai…bina pass kiye neet-ss kon dene dega tumko 🙄.

and here i am not comparing quality of md/ms and dnb candidates…its all can be similar but passing is most imp. issue and this is based on very hard work and luck also, wherein md/ms this is totaly hard work based.

I will do it twice, not once. After ranking in NEET UG, within top 10 k / 20 k rankers in NEETPG will not be able to pass DNB exit.