Sexual imara and problems and problems

In the first time, I came to the old time. Now that’s why it’s so qui and resources, and the ones who are old in youth.
:point_left: His reasons are below.

(1) cry from Islamic tʿly̰mạ t
(2) the instability of diet n
(mood, age and die non MOA FQ)
(3) knowledge of ḥfẓạ n health rules
(4) knowledge is not of awareness from jnsy̰ạ t
(5) lack of exercise
(6) lack of sleep
(7) Bay and go na move engagement
(8) Mental Imara (of, illusion, feeling, mental stem w̉ and pressing w̉ etc)
(9) long bkẖạrwں ka ho na (Malaria, typhoid, TP DQ etc)
(10) diseases an (hellish, hundred ready)
(11) ạy̰lw simelane ạdwy̰ạ t ḵạbḵtẖrt use
(12) Drugs (ạfy̰w n, marijuana, heroine, bhang and wine etc)
(13) Dwạỷy̰wں use without advice (self medication)
(14) TV, v, dish, cable, CD and cinema Benny.
(15) the way ritual from vulgar and fạḥsẖہ women.
(16) bad lo go of sex
(17) mixed is education
(18) delay in marriage
(19) a bicycle and horse ride till the time drạ z
(20) living in the summer fast sunlight or working
(22) use of cigarette, water and ghaddar
(23) bad ngạہy̰

:point_left: Kẖwdạkẖty̰ạry̰ treatment
In the series of sexual problems and diseases with the medicinal ABC, if self-optional treatment is done.

So, the quotation will be found on gold. The quotation will be shown to the truth. It will be enough to adopt a few useful actions.

(1) Nmạzpnjgạnہ should be arranged.
(2) the Qur ’ an should be done along with the translation of translation and carefully.
(3) the tsby̰ḥạt of durood sharif and the zikr of Allah are made routine
(4) hygiene rules are adopted
(5) should be refrain from nạkẖạlṣ and vulgar gẖdẖạw̉ں
(6) weather and mood initiation diet should be used
(7) Seasonal Fruit and sbzy̰ạ are used
(8) by the trust of his age, mo sim and physical structure and the workout according to the doctor’s guidance, the workout is made
(9) marriage should be equipped
(10) mo sim should be bath in the pleasant sun.
(11) the weather in the head of the head, the body should be massage in the neck, waist and thigh of oil.
(12) mo in the sim, waist and neck should be saved from the flames of sunlight
(13) to be treated with the able and authentic mʿạljy̰n instead of ʿṭạỷy̰w, jwgy̰w and football.
(14) your personal therapist about health is bagga should be advised
(15) morals of inhuman and ہy̰jạny̰ mḥrḵạt should be discourage
(16) polite habits go to rampage.
(17) the owner of good health and good manners should be relations with friends.

What is the word of the messenger of Allah (peace be upon him)? Let’s see if this is the leader rule for huma ng young generation.

Hazrat Anas (peace be upon him) says that Prophet (peace be upon him) says or:
The eyes of the mrdwzn are the poison arrow of the iblis.

Today’s young generation is so enough for the reform and advice of the Prophet (peace be upon him), the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), patience.
Today is the accursed of Satan’s ty̰rwں. In the horn of ;, we should avoid him and save others, in the same, the good of the young generation is the good, improvement and sex and physical health retention pnہạ.