Should I still allow my daughter to choose Medicine as a career options?

Should I still allow my daughter to choose Medicine as a career option?

Everything is in our country Rape ,murder everything really fed up :rage::rage::rage::rage::angry::angry::angry: and the government never take action

We are not enemies of patients we are always save patients life but we are not god or messengers of god so don’t punish doctor otherwise miracle are not happened because doctor don’t take risks so i appealed to relative’s and govt. Please understand .doctor mean save life of everybody because doctor’s loves everyone

Aisa hone ke Baad you expect doctors to save life, endangering their own life, while the government officials sit and enjoy the show

This is pathetic !!! Stuggle so much for this day do we?

We all should be thinking of some other career options after graduation . This is scary . becoming a Dr has become a life threat for everyone .days are not far away when there would be no doctors left in India .

I think doctor should apply for either a body gaurd or lisence to gun … future of India… at risk

Sir I remembering that song of Aamir Khan kya Kare kya na Kare yeh kaisi mushkil hai koi to bata de iska hal to mere bhai which definitely suits India’s situation

How can a doc be beaten up wen there r so many stafs around! Y don all fight back right away!!! … No hosptl docs n staffs should step back in such incidents instead evrybody should start countr attack immediatly calling all! Wtevr b consequences jus don b afraiddd!! … Bullshittt people!!!

That guy was kicking a human’s face so brutally!!
Just leave everything aside! I want to know where is that guy now. Is he still roaming around free??!!
If yes. Then what kind of governance is this. You can’t even provide security to someone who is saving lives in such low wages that too in wee hours!
If state can’t provide the necessary security then bring in army. These are terrorists and they need someone who can better take care of them!

Strict laws should be made. …no pts relative should enter in treating area…only single person is allowed to enter in stricted time. …whether it’s iccu, picu, casualty. …common people never understand terminology like critical care …