Silent symptoms of stroke

Stroke is a disease during which the brain hurts and a part of the body becomes paralyzed and the proper treatment is timely, the effects of it can be reduced, but often the symptoms of this killing disease are other medical problems. Understand and the treatment is delayed.
After the stroke tour, your mind is deprived of 19 lakh cells, and for an hour, there is a 19-Year-old age in the age of a 19-Year-old, and a 19-Year-old. There will be a lot of difficulties in speaking as much as possible,! and changes in behavior, such as the risk of problems will increase.
As soon as the stroke is seized, it is more effective to treat and the loss to the brain is so low.
There are two types of stroke in one, as a result of blood veins being blocked, the brain is lacking in the supply of blood, the other type is that in which the blood of a blood is being overridden in the mind. These two types of stroke The symptoms of the same are the same, and everyone is aware of them.
Medical experts say that these warning signs of stroke are coming before a week before the original tour.
Two things to be seen instead of one
The problems of the bny̰ạỷy̰ are the symptoms of a stroke, a dull pin, or an eye of an eye-stroke, but most people consider these symptoms as the result of old age or fatigue. According to medical experts, fatigue or a lot of studies. One thing is not possible to look at two, actually one block of blood is to reduce the amount of oxygen required to be the reason for the problems of the bny̰ạỷy̰, and the other symptoms of stroke are also not visible.
Listen to the hands of the feet
If you wake up in the afternoon with a few late sleep and your hand or Monday is hear or unconscious, it can be easily imagine that the nerves are the result of being hushed. However, medical experts say if your If the hand is suddenly unconscious or weak, this status should not be in a few minutes, then should be contacted for immediate medical aid. According to them, a to of body as a result of lack of blood flow from the spine to the brain in the sẖry̰ạnwں. Listen or get weak.
Difficulties in speaking
Some medicines, such as pain-Exploiting bullets, are facing stuttering or difficulties in speaking and people think it is the effect of their medicine, but it can also be a symbol of stroke. According to medical experts, if this medicine is used before. If you don’t face any type of side effect, then it can be a sign of stroke and the rập should immediately contact for medical aid.
Hard to think
When people face difficulties in thinking of right words or something about something, they often make it a result of tiredness. But suddenly, the lack of mental abilities is one of the common symbol of stroke. According to experts, for a moment, it can be difficult to think about it, but if it increases, it is a concern. According to them, the patients do not know what is wrong. Their mind is not working and the ability to think of them is affected.
The pain of half head
It is possible that it is only a half of the headache but this pain is not already affected by you, so it can also be a symbol of stroke. Medical experts tell that the stroke of half headache or the stroke can also be hidden because In these two diseases, mental symptoms are the same. According to experts, the victims of half-head pain should be treated like a stroke and the doctors should get help.