Since its almost a month close to the final D-XAM DAY

Since its almost a month close to the final D-XAM DAY …

Thought of sharing few tips and last month strategies which might help few average students like me . ( after repeated requests)

Lets be short & crisp & to the point-

  1. Dont panic …just be calm and consider it just as another GT / CBT (considering that u hve given enough GTs) . Its just nothing new . Trust me.

  2. For those internees those couldnt make up to giving enough GTs or any GTs at all and just saying- wasting money uselessly by filling the form.

Folks … let me tell u …pls dont consider like this.

I was on ur side just few months ago.

Consider this xam as a scope for time management …as a scope for familiarising with the hall environment . Look that are u able to cope up with the time limit or u r having issues in vision at screen or often nervous breakdown visiting washrooms or having issues when invigilitor comes for photograph signature and all.

Please familarise to that environmemt …cz trust me these matters a lot…can cost few easy mcqs.

  1. Hardwork alone will land u nowhere folks in this highly competitive xam…

Its alwys (hardwork+ smartwork) combo.

So… whats the smartwork for this last 1month?

  • be confident with urself

  • please give daily gts at that time when actual xam is going to happen.

  • review rapidly .

  • for this last month …only review the wrong ques…skipped ones and guessed ones.

  • be little confident that ones that r correct now will not b wrong on the final cant be .

  • give gts from multiple platforms… its nothing harm if u give gts from multiple platfrms. Let ur frnds say whatever they feel… bt ultimately its ur rank 😎

  • practise giving gts in an ideal environmnt at home. DONT ever take any gt casually.

  • solve custom modules 50 each time twice a day .

1time morning with ur weak subjs.

1time at night before sleep.

  1. For the last 10days make it a habit to just give it a glance to images of contraceptives, lifecycles, pathology gross, instruments & make a list of all TNM and classfctns & gradings now…so that u can revise it in last 10days.

  2. Be disciplined… consider ur health which is very imp at this phase and try to b early riser at morning.

  3. Finally one thing i shall say- dont think of the result and dont aim at what subj MD/MS u r going to pursue. Cz thats the next door … its not the time now…

To give the xam with full effrts is our duty now… subjs will vary a lot aftr rslts… so dont waste time on those things . Definitely keeping a aim & a dream is imp… bt i shall say not in last 1month.

All the best ❣

Could land up writing this on my preadday 🤭

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