Since joining this group not too long ago

Since joining this group not too long ago, I am realizing how little I actually know about dermatitis.
I have been seeing posts about eczema/dermatitis being related to an autoimmune disease. I did a quick google search and found that it was only just recently to be associated with an autoimmune disease. Is dermatitis in of itself an autoimmune disease or is it typically associated with another type of autoimmune disease? I found a lot the autoimmune diseases linked to gut issues. I’m curious, how many of you also have stomach or digestive issues? I have had tummy issues my entire life and never thought of the two as potentially being related until now.

Also, out of the many dermatologists and doctors I have seen for my eczema treatment, it was never brought to my attention the different types of dermatitis such as, seborrheic dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, “eczema,” and also the difference between atopic eczema vs. contact eczema. I’ve been blessed to have had two really great dermatologists but now kind of find myself annoyed and frustrated that I didn’t even know or understand all these different types and what type I am really dealing with. No dermatologist has every actually said. They just use the general terms of dermatitis or eczema.

Another frustration I have had for a little while now is after learning that certain foods can cause inflammation in your gut and learning the importance of a food allergy panel, the amount of doctors that shut this down.

I always hear from dermatologists that if it is food-related allergy eczema, that is really only an issue for children. Why??? My husband recently did a food panel and learned about all the foods he was eating (healthy or not) that his body didn’t tolerate well or was simply rejecting, was causing inflammation. Which was ultimately leading to joint and body pain, while only being in his 30’s. So, why would it not be the same for eczema patients? If there are foods that we are ingesting that we have an allergy to and causing tummy issues and inflammation in the body, why would this not present itself as dermatitis, after all, dermatitis is an inflammation issue.

All in all, this is just a rambling post of my thoughts and what curiosity I currently have running through my head. I welcome any of your responses and thoughts or curiosity as well!