Since today, the hygienic mask (Mask) is very difficult to buy and someone can't wear a hygienic mask

Since today, the hygienic mask (Mask) is very difficult to buy and someone can’t wear a hygienic mask.

So Buriram United Club gathered volunteers from many sectors. Big athletes, Academy athletes, coaches, staff from Amari Hotel, staff from Buriram Castle, staff from Mega Store with Gu12 Let’s make 100,000 face shield (DIY) to deliver to the hospital and agent. In Buriram province

Using Face Shield Mask that is already used in the industry is suitable for being “Coviral Prevention Supplement” because

  • alone, the hygienic mask cannot prevent eyes and face. The Northern part from the mask from secretions. Virus can pass from eyes to the body to lungs.

  • face shield can prevent both eyes, nose and mouth.

  • it’s not uncomfortable like wearing a hygienic mask. It’s more comfortable to breathe in case of people who can’t wear a hygienic mask. But those who can wear hygienic mask should wear alongside face shield to prevent the fullest disease.

  • it’s like armor. Prevent us from using hand with fast cuddle to touch the eyes, nose and mouth because there are reports that one day we use hands to touch the face or move the mask over 90 times without knowing.

  • Plastic Sheet in front of face shield mask. It’s quite good to use. Because the secretions that come out of infected people are curve in the drizzle under 2 meters. Gravity will make most of the drizzle fall in the floor. Up under the chin and never turn back to the face when it’s gone through the ear

  • there is no need to bend close to the face because we do not prevent dust such as pm 2.5 which is very small and lightweight, but it is used to prevent secretions which are larger and weight (except medical personnel who work in a closed system patient room. More risk of finding viral distribution)