Sinonasal mucormycosis!

Sinonasal mucormycosis!

Sinonasal mucormycosis refers to an uncommon form of invasive fungal sinus infection.

Given its highly invasive nature, it can involve orbits and/or intracranial structures.

Clinical presentation

The presentation can vary, ranging from exophthalmos, rhinorrhea, and ophthalmoplegia with loss of visual acuity and peripheral facial palsies occurring rarely

🟡Radiographic features


Reported signal characteristics on MRI of the sinuses and brain include:

T1: isointense lesions relative to brain in most cases (~80%) 5

T2:variable with around 20% of patients showing high T2 signal 5

fungal elements themselves tend to have low signal on T2

T1 C+ (Gd): the devitalised mucosa appears on contrast-enhanced MR imaging as contiguous foci of non-enhancing tissue, leading to the black turbinate sign