Sir. can a deemed/private university conduct any round

sir. can a deemed/private university conduct any round after stray vacancy round sir if they still have unfilled seats? . if yes, then how will it prevent seat blocking… and if no… then what will they do to the unfilled seat? please sir please clear this doubt.

Those seats will be wasted only

The stray vacancy round at deemed universities would be offline anyways to fill remaining state after mop up. If seats are unfilled after the stray vacancy timeline, then it means no one opted for these seats. When no one is interested and deemed institutes are not ready to reduce the fee they would lapse. Happens majorly for non clinical seats.

Extended stray may be a possibility with further regn post stray in such cases to avoid seat lapse. (Since those who registered for mop up and eligible for stray did not opt for these, those who did not register for mop up would be allowed for this through registration - happened in mds and last year. But only after stray is over, and only basis extension if agreed upon legally)