Sirtuins are associated with

Sirtuins are associated with ?
a) Memory
b) Metabolism
c) Vision
d) Olfaction
Correct Answer - B
Ans. is ‘b’ i.e., Metabolism
Sirtuins are a family of highly conserved NAD+ dependent
deacetylase 5 that act as cellular sensors to detect energy
availability and modulate metabolic process.
Two mammalian sirtuins are involved in controling metabolic
process : SIRT-1 (in nucleus) and SIRT-2 (in mitochondria).
They are activated by high NAD± levels (low cellular energy status).
They, then, deacetylate a variety of proteins causing induction of
catabolic processes and inhibition of anabolic processes.
SIRT-1 and SIRT-3 coordinately increase cellular energy stores and
ultimately maintain cellular energy homeostasis.
Genetic variant in SIRT-1 gene is associated lower risk of
cardiovascular mortality and with better cognitive functioning.
SIRT-1 variants are associated with decreased basal energy
expenditure and a lower lipid peroxidation rate. Therefore, it has
been proposed that genetic variation in SIRT-1 may determine the
response rates of individuales undergoing caloric restriction and
increased physical activity.
Genetic variants of SIRT-3 may be associated with increased
longevity (increased lifespan), but there is no evidence of such an