Skin problems in newborn children

Skin problems in newborn children

Newborn children are usually described as skin problems below.

Cradle Cape:
This newborn child has a skin in the head. To Avoid Minor Cradle, mineral oil or petroleum jelly should use petroleum jelly. Then wash your child’s head with children’s shampoo. If you are more then doctor. Can give special oil or ointment.

Erie Thema ٹ Wḵsy̰ḵm:
These are yellow and white wounds that are covered with red spots. They can be on any part of the body except the palm and under the feet of the feet. They should end up before or the second week. The newborn children are very common in children.

These newborn children are white spotted on their forehead, gals and nose. They look like a p ھ nsy̰ but they are actually they are emerging soft blisters. Milia is when the grease of the skin which is also called sy̰bm. Born inside the skin. Within the first two weeks of the child’s life, like your child’s grease gland and better. Milia disappears. Leaving them be naturally right. It happens.

These are the grow up in which there are blisters full of material. This substance is white or clean and it is a usual skin. My̰ly̰ạry̰ạ is due to the resistance of sweat of sweat. This The Lion ends slowly.
Nail m ہ ạs ے in newborn: these are red spotted that are yellow from the middle. They are also called neutral ạr ٹ y̰ḵy̰ry̰ạ and these are when the child’s skin cells don’t work right. Even though they look like infection but original I don’t happen. and they don’t even need their treatment. Ny̰ٹ y̰ḵl ạr ٹ y̰ḵy̰ry̰ạ automatically disappear.

These are small blisters on the skin. They fall dry soon and leave black spotted behind them. These spotted also ends slowly. These are mostly found in the newborn children whose color is black. Happens