So again that time of the year came when anxiety will prevail over maximum people

So again that time of the year came when anxiety will prevail over maximum people. Went through same things during my preparation days,so thought to share some of the things that we face.

  1. Time management- 50 more days left and everyone is anxious how to finish the syllabus. Trust guys,u can’t mug up every single line in ur notes or books.its time that u have to start believing ur instinct. Focus more on what u r forgetting. Make a list of topics that u need to revise in last few days before exam.
  2. Peer pressure- everyone is reading fr 14-15 hours and I m not able to do it… It’s never about counting number of hours ,it’s about how long u can remember things . Some can sit fr hours,some couldn’t.the productivity matters.
  3. Reading but seems like forgot everything-…it’s natural,nd dats y revision comes in view. Try fr atlst 3-4 revision before u sit for exams.
  4. lastly the emotional factor- some will face health issues…some will face family problems…some will face break ups…and some will face the emotional outburst…u may end up crying, but at the end of the day u have to stand nd deliver. Just remember one thing, 3 hours will decide ur next 365 days of life. U want to live this life of uncertainty again or end up getting what u want. U want to see the tears of joy in ur parents eyes or want to face the gloomy faces that will ask for answers.

ND fr all

“Khusboo bankr hawaon me bikharna hoga,
Fuul bankr baagon me laharna hoga,
Maine awaj di hai,
Ki ae waqt- tujhe thahrna hoga…”

All the best…