So, here it is. I’m a graduate from India. Need Visa. Average scores

Hey Guys!

So, here it is. I’m a graduate from India. Need Visa. Average scores

My credentials: Step 1 228, CK 230, CS 2nd attempt, Step 3 213, YOG 2018

I am happy with my scores but what made my life miserable was my CS attempt. I took the exam way too granted and was very overconfident – 1st lesson (Everything has its importance!). I was devastated when I got the result. For a long time, I was embarrassed to even share it with someone. But I had to keep going. I pushed myself, retook the exam, completed CK and applied for the match (2019). CS was a huge blot on my application, and by January 2019, I knew I wouldn’t match that year. So, I went ahead and started applying for research spots and ended up getting a Post Doc Position.

I worked on my papers and simultaneously studied for Step 3 and completed it. I got a strong LOR from my mentor and reapplied for Match 2020. CS attempt still greatly hampered my prospects and I ended with 5 interviews (4 IM and 1 FM) out of which one withdrew from the match (Crazy right?). I prepared well for the interviews (my strength was my communication skills) and felt positive about them. I ranked my programs and certified them. As the match was coming closer, I wasn’t scared anymore, because I knew I did everything I could. Got the result today, and I matched.

My mantra in life is to “Believe in yourself”! Everyone’s going to say its impossible with an attempt and average scores, its getting competitive you have very little chance blah blah blah…. Ultimately its about what you want and how badly you want it.

I hope this helps someone because I had my desperate times too!