So ironical but unfortunately true!

Psychiatry and toxicity…?? So ironical but unfortunately true!

Well few of my 1st year colleagues doing Psychiatry have been so down with the toxicity of the department… especially the current senior batch…2020…that they feel hopeless and helpless.

I don’t know how come psychiatry can be toxic…but who will be responsible if they commit some extreme step? Request to the faculty members, seniors to kindly look in the matter…as this fb is the only medium to deliver the message. I request all seniors not to vent out the frustration of 2 years on the 1st year residents…they didn’t postpone the exam frm their side. Kindly make branches like psychiatry growing branch, where mental health is given a priority.

Not writing this to defame any person.

Why people do that?what type of education did they received in all these 17 _18 years if they don’t know how to behave if they don’t learn social interaction. Is this education of any use?

Gang up and meet the HOD, being a psychiatrist he should be considerate na ?

Very true it is happening in which college