So, is it confrmd that ai round 3 is postponed?

so, is it confrmd that ai round 3 is postponed?

A lot of games are going on in the mcc

bt atlst thy shuld notify us. jst put up a notice regrdng delay. wthout even mentioning dates. wll be relieved frm ths stress atlst
Any doctor showing option for choice filling in your login ?

Bhai aabhi Tak nahi aaya … also it’s showing unlocked

jst talkd to mcc. dey said it mght be postpned. also sme association gt green signal frm mohfw to stop r3 till cutoff is reducd

I also talked to mcc…but they said the earth is flat then cut the phone…

shld hv askd thm to jump off d flat earth edge

wht abt d students who registered fr r3 thnnking maha resigntn lat date is 18th? n if they gt alloted in r3 aiq. anyway cant resign mah seat. wts the point…? seat will still b blockd & also d security dep will be gone.

No bro…!

Councelling done,

Wait for result now

it committee shit council evrytym till last day keep us hanging