So only people with vested interest should do activism?

so only people with vested interest should do activism?

PS: I am against that PIL gang also… Not because they filed a PIL & put on hold the counselling indefinitely, but for the reason that they filed a PIL where there was no locus standi…

Govt implemented this reservation with due process…e.g they brought 103rd amendment of Indian Constitution in 2019 itself for the very same reason. This amendment makes this new reservation policy Constitutional. They lodged a PIL with a narrative as if they are fighting against reservation in a case where you can’t hold this reservation unconstitutional unless you challenge 103rd amendment & put it to judicial scrutiny.

let’s see of thing works the way these PG residents want it to… Wait & watch

apply this sant mahatma logic to these PG residents protesting on roads also.

You are in contradiction with yourself. Because of the bias … That expedition of counselling suits you.