So, recently the MSRA results came out and I have gotten the invite for psychiatry CT interview

So, recently the MSRA results came out and I have gotten the invite for psychiatry CT interview and instead of being happy I am stressed because of the following reason. If anybody could shed some light or help me with a solution I would be eternally grateful.

I started my current job in January this year and my contract ends on Dec end, 2019 and my trust is happy to extend my contract. In the meantime, I have applied for CT Psychiatry like I mentioned and I have my interview next month. I wanted advice with reference to my future COS and visa.
My current trust will be applying for new COS next month to extend my contract for another year. The new COS should begin from Dec 31st, 2019 to Dec, 2020.

And on other hand, if I get through my core psychiatry training interview and get a job offer, which if I were to accept. The training begins from February 7th, 2020. And in-between this contract ending and core psychiatry training beginning I have a month and a week where I don’t have a COS due to which I have requested my current trust to extend my contract.
I was wondering if anybody could advise me on the problems I might face as I would have the current trust processing my new COS and on other side I would have the new mental health team trust applying for COS for training purposes.

  1. So, can I ask the new trust to push the application of COS to say December end. And I can apply for new tier 2 in January for CT Psych and join at the start date of Feb 7, 2020?
  2. Can I accept the offer(if I were to get one) and can I ask them to defer it by few months?
  3. If they say no to above can I decline then?
  4. And if I decline after accepting then can it affect me applying for CT Psych for August 2020?
  5. Or am I walking on thin ice here and I should just re-appear for MSRA exam all over again, re-take the interview in January and apply for August 2020 intake?

PS: Regardless, I am appearing for the interview next month.