So the Supreme court judges don't have the minimum sense of responsibility that their "judgement"

So the Supreme court judges don’t have the minimum sense of responsibility that their “judgement” is necessary for the lives and futures of lakhs of future residents of the country.
Who gave such irresponsible and callous people the right to JUDGE anyway?
I dont know if this is ridiculously shameful or funny?!

Was the decision by the court to implement the reservation?

Look going against the governemnt decision is always tough for anyone…

Blaming the court is no Brainer…

They are busy in dealing cases of celeb drug peddlers, political baffles . Thinking about doctors and health system comes last in the country.

No body ever bothered about health sectors….every one in this country see doctors as looters n nothing else…sad but true

Today’s Case Update on NEET PG COUNSELLING CASE against reservation .

Why This Injustice

When #NEETPG #Aspirants want justice

Why Court is blind why this mockery of the NEET PG Counselling 2021

Tomorrow case details and one bad news from the court side

All the details of the case is given in this video

and one more writing petition is been placed details given

Why this case becomes most important one

Details explained

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Don’t write anything against judiciary you might get arrested please I request🙏

I’m concerned about the well being I know it’s a tough time but please refrain from any posts against judiciary