Solitary myeloma (plasmacytoma) is myeloma that has a single focus of involvement

Solitary myeloma (plasmacytoma) is myeloma that has a single focus of involvement. The findings from marrow aspiration may therefore be negative, and laboratory manifestations may be absent. Virtually all patients with solitary myeloma develop multiple myeloma, but 10 years or more may pass before the progression of the disease becomes apparent. Solitary myeloma commonly

presents as an expansile lesion in the spine, a rib, the pelvis, or the sacrum.


Chordoma, Solitary metastasis, Lymphoma, Plasmacytoma, Osteomyelitis, Osteoblastoma, Giant cell tumor

Xray lumber spine lateral view shows expansile, lytic lesion involving the entire L3 vertebra, involving body, pedicles and posterior elements. Mild expansion of posterior elements seen. No surrounding sclerosis seen. No central calcification noted. No cortical break or periosteal reaction seen.

X-ray spine showing cystic lesion with multiple lucencies of L3 vertebra n it’s posterior elements (laminae n spinous process),it is also causing expansion of affected vertebra with cortical thining.

Differential are

Intraosseous hemangioma

Primary bone tumor(plasmacytoma)

Haemangioma, anaurysmal bone cyst VS Mets LV3

Vertebral hemangioma

Corduroy sign