Some are for postponement. Some are against

Some are for postponement. Some are against

Then there are people like me me who know with my current revision status won’t get in INICET now.

If NOT postponed then 500+ students will get in Institutes of National Importances and next few months they have to give Covid duties like hell as first yr PGs so their chances for appearing for NEET in Sept(where I might have a chance), their chances will get decreased. Yay!

And If IT GETS postponed then I don’t have to go out and give examination and get more time to revise and 1-2 months later might actually stand a chance in INICET too. Yay again!

But in both situations it is win-win for people like me. 😀

So lets not take pressure or anxiety what will be the outcome tommorow.

Few might actually take up whatever seat they get and prepare again for neet pg and leave the seat if they get better choices

So can’t really trust 50% of that 500