Some of my 300 Qs Marrow GTs are pending

Some of my 300 Qs Marrow GTs are pending…will be very helpful if pause option is provided so that i can solve 100 daily…solving 300 at a stretch is taking time.


Please help Dr. Deepu sir

The purpose of a gt isn’t just to check ur knowledge, it is to test ur endurance too. U might be a excellent hitter in T20 but what’s the point if the game we’re playing is test cricket. Sitting for 3.5h with same focus as min 1 is something which needs practice too… neet isn’t just a game of knowledge… Its a game of endurance too… infact what marrow should be doing is having 4h GTS just so that people are over trained than under… amongst the 1L people writing, it’s survival of the smartest fit guy