Some people want postponement Requested UDF

Some people want postponement

Requested UDF.

They said no

They approached some captain.

Postponement moment got little bigger

Then UDF came in to picture

They started supporting movment

Now they are giving leaks agnst postponement.

Something FIshy…

Basically, UDF supported Captain and now leaking fake news? This has become a business it seems.

Why UDF India is not clearing their stand regarding postponement? Firstly they send letter to ministry week back favouring postponement , after two days they sent letter to ministry regarding residents like session is delayed and there aren’t enough residents etc favouring anti postponement and now this we are trying our best ! Pls clear your stand , sir Amarinder Singh Malhi sir

Deepankar Chaudhary sir ,

You guys are denying postponement at one side and one side still giving lollipop of postponement…pls help all are too much anxious…

This is all at their place but why the ministry of health is silent, do you have any intelligence information? They should give a statement on their own and save the students from undue tension, for the last 10 to 15 days everyone is disturbed and all are doctors of their department. n it’s your fault Is it late counselling of government body?

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